Pai Gow poker originated as a game played with Chinese dominoes. However, over timethe game began being played with playing cards. In order to play, youmust have a standard deck of 52 cards along with the joker. The playersattempt to defeat the dealer when playing this casino table game. The object of Pai Gow Poker is to create two poker hands using the seven cards that are dealt toeach player. One of these poker hands is comprise of five cards whilethe other hand is comprised of two.

When forming your hands, you wantthe value to the five card hand to be greater than the value of the twocard hand. These hands may be known by specific names. The large fivecard hand may be referred to as the high or big hand while the smallertwo card hand may be called the small, minor or low hand.

When thegame commences, the dealer would deal the cards into seven piles. Eachpile will have seven cards in it. There will be four cards remaining,which would not be used in the hand. Players are given the opportunityto form their two hands from their pile. Following this formation,wagering ensues around the poker table.

When forming a two cardhand, there are really only two options available to forming the hand.These options would be having a pair or simply having really high cards.With the five card poker hands, the traditional poker rankings wouldapply. The joker would be used in different ways. In the five card hand,the joker is utilized to finish out a straight hand or a flush. If thejoker is not to be used in either of these ways, then its value would bethat of an ace.

In the case of the two card hand, the joker is alwaysan ace. This could vary in some casinos that may permit the joker to be awild card in the two card hand. This can help form a pair. In order towin at Pai Gow, both hands must beat the dealer’s hand. If one of yourhands beats the dealer but the other does not, then you would push. Poker site.

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