For those of you, who have never played online, or land based, casino craps, you are in for an exciting time. In land based casinos, you are soon guided to the location of the craps table, by the excited shouts and screams emanating from its volatile participants. Like many other games, online craps has certain advantages over land based casinos. To begin with, you can get to grips with the game, by first trialing your skills for free. Play for fun games, can be found at most online casinos. When you feel you are ready, then try your luck on the gambling tables. Obviously before you play, you need to know the rules of the game, and a few simple strategies, to help you win.

Craps is the only game in the casino where the player is in full control of his destiny. It is a game where players rotate clockwise around the gaming table, and take turns to roll the dice, the player rolling the dice is known as the shooter, and he holds the dice until he throws a losing score. The player on the immediate right, of the retiring shooter, then starts a new game. It is this close involvement by the players, betting for or against the shooter, all eagerly awaiting their turn with the dice that creates the highly charged exciting atmosphere around the craps table. So, how is the game played?

The player who throws the first roll of the dice (the shooter) shoots what is known as the ‘come out roll’. Before the dice are rolled however, players are asked to place their bets; on the pass, or don’t pass line, if the come out throw adds up to a seven or eleven, all pass line bets are winners, at even money odds (one to one) if the come out throw registers a two, three, or twelve, on the dice, all pass line bets lose. When the come out throw totals numbers four, five, six, or eight, nine, ten, on the dice, this number then becomes the ‘point’ and the shooter retains the dice. Nobody then, either wins or loses until the shooter rolls the point number, or a seven. If the point number arrives first, all pass line bets win, if the seven comes up first, the reverse is the case, and all pass line bets lose. The rules of the game could not be simpler. Poker.

Bets on, the don’t pass line, are the opposite to the pass line, but, between throws, the player may increase or reduce his bet, according to his faith in the shooters skill. Don’t pass line bets win, when the come out throw is two or three, and lose if it is seven or eleven. If the come out throw scores twelve, (double six) it is deemed to be a push, and the player’s stake is returned. When the come out throw is any of the following numbers, four, five, six, eight, nine or ten, then this becomes the point number. If the shooter hits the point before shooting a seven, the player loses. If seven or eleven appears before the point number, Player wins. The odds are the same as the pass line; evens (1 to 1).

Come bets: are just like a pass line bet, except that a come bet allows a player to set his/her own point, after the shooter has established the point for the other players. If a seven or eleven shows on the first throw, the player wins. Two, three, and twelve are losers. Don’t come, bets: just like pass and don’t pass work in reverse to come bets, once a point has been established, you need a seven to appear before the point, to win. If the come out throw is two or three, it is an automatic win, seven or eleven, you lose.


Field Bets: are where you win, when any of these numbers come up, it is a one roll gamble and covers the numbers: 2, 3, 4,9,10, and 12. If a 2 is thrown, your stake money is doubled (2/1) if a twelve comes up your money is trebled. Internet poker.

Big six & Big eight: this bet can be made at any point in the game and wins, when it comes up before a seven.
Hardways: is a bet where the same numbers must appear on both dice to achieve scores 4,6, 8 ,and 10 (doubles) double 2 pays out at, 4/1, double 3, 9/1, double 4, 9/1, and double 5, 7/1

Proposition Bets: this is literally a bet on one roll of the dice, if you get lucky you could be in for some big bucks. The pay out for winning on your lucky numbers are as follows:

.. a winning number seven pays out at: 4/1
.. any craps, 2, 3, or 12 pays out at: 7/1
.. Ace deuce , numbers 1, & 3, 15/1
.. Two aces (1+1) or two sixes pays 30/1

So there you are, you are now equipped to play, probably the most popular game in the casino, without leaving the comfort of your own home. Remember, check out your skills on a free play casino first, to familiarize yourself with the table, and the bets you are allowed to make. Check out the casino you choose, before you start to gamble, you need to know that your chosen casino is reputable, you need to know any particular rules that may apply, and you need to know the minimum and maximum stakes you are allowed to bet.

Good luck and good shooting.

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