The first thing you need to know to learn how to play craps is know that craps is just basically a dice game. Players wager on the outcome the roll of the dice. This could also be a series of rolls and it could involve usually a pair of dice.

In street craps, the gamblers or players bet money against one another. They can also bet against a bank. Street craps has the easiest system and to learn how to play craps of this kind is simple and uncomplicated. You only need a pair of dice to play street crap. Play poker.

The game of craps is really just a simplified version of the traditional English game called Hazard. Hazard is such an old English game that it is said to be originally a game dated back to the Crusades. Craps was refined by French gamblers while its modern version was Americanized and brought to us via New Orleans in the person of Bernard Xavier, a wealthy relative of an American Louisiana land baron.

Craps was first known and pronounced as crapaud, which is basically a French word for frog or toad. It was shortened to craps by the American African community who has played the game in Louisiana hundreds of years back.

The Rules of the Game, Playing Against the Bank

Playing bank craps involve a number of players and they are all against the banker or the casino. Varying casinos implement different payouts on the different bets. Each player is given a pair of dice and takes turns rolling them. The person who is rolling the dice is the ‘shooter.’ People watching can participate in the wager by putting chips or their money on the different craps table sections found on the board.

A shooter is required to bet on the pass line and its counter version called doesn’t pass line. The don’t pass and pass lines are also know as win or right and don’t win or wrong, which are forms of bets. Each set of dice roll is called a round and craps is played per round with the right or wrong bets being the result or outcome of a round. Poker room.

The shooter is on hand with numerous dice (usually five) by the ‘stickman.’ The player should choose 2 for the round. The unused dice are returned to what is known as the stickman’s bowl and are not used.

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