Both brick and mortar casinos and online casinos featured computerized poker games known as a video poker. Some players prefer playing poker in this way as it can be less daunting than playing at a table. Players are not afraid of making mistakes and some simply just have more fun playing video poker. There are some myths that people believe regarding video poker games. Most of which are totally false.

Some players believe that the video poker machines are set prior to use in order to provide a specified payback. They insist that because of this it simply doesn’t matter much how they play. In reality, strategy is quite important when playing video poker, just as it is at traditional table poker.

Another commonly held myth is that you should only play video poker machines that have not paid out recently. They would be due to have a win soon. And of course the flip side to that would be to avoid using a video poker machine that just recently paid out. Both of these lines of thinking are totally false. The machine contains what is known as a random number generator. This is utilized to shuffle the cards in the video poker game. The random number generator has no capacity for memory. It cannot remember what hand it dealt previously. Therefore there is no way that the machine can prevent another stellar hand from occurring again. The odds of having a royal flush are once in every 40,000 hands. These odds would not change from hand to hand. They would continue to remain the same throughout the game.

Still other players feel that video poker machine may be biased in the sense that they do not often deal players aces or face cards. There are many regulations placed upon casinos. One such regulation requires that players have the same chance of drawing these higher cards as a lower counting card. By ensuring that all cards have the same chance of being drawn, it makes it easier for players to use similar playing strategies that would be used if they were playing at a live poker table.

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